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Starts at 2 PM PT. Unfortunely, it's during my work hours :( So when I get back from work don't spoil it for me! I want to it for myself!
My Level Sheet Stats as of Feb 25, 2018 by DanielMania123
My Starlight Skyscraper sheet has the most Favorites & the most downloads!
While my Neon Paradise sheet (the first ever level sheet I ever made which I later updated it 1 year since its post) has the most views & the most comments!…
so apparently, mania assets are now allowed in sage after all. as long as we aren't directly copying its levels.  Remixing anything you use from it, color changes, etc. is encouraged to be remixed in some fashion but entry will not be denied so long as the LEVEL looks visually distinctive. 
SAGE 2018 Announced!
July 28th - August 4th…
the original!
Blu-ray disc version
on my brand new Sony Blu-ray DVD player that i got for my birthday this!
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T (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) 
M Alphabets (Words) E (Alphabets) :iconpurple-exclamation::iconpurple-exclamation::iconpurple-exclamation:

25 years huh? Can you believe it?
Just a little reminder that next week on Monday January 15 is my 25th birthday!
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Happy New Year 2018 by DanielMania123
New Year's Baby Cream (2018 Version) by DanielMania123

I admit 2017 had its fair shares of ups and downs but i'm alright with it!
Here are my recaps from past months that happened to me or what I did on 2017!

February 5 - snowing in home neighborhood, got 100 watchers on DeviantART
March 30 - Got my Nintendo Switch system 
April 18 - Played Sonic Time Twisted the full fangame (12 years in making) on PC (which would later be updated to include ogg files for music mods)
May - 5 years since I joined DeviantART
July 9-12 - Silverwood family vacation while chilling at Oxford Suites Hotel (first time in a decade since Hawaii vacation 2007)
July 31 thru August 4 at Camp Pigott - drawn 23 pictures on sketchbook featuring my bunny Amy while watching vids on 3ds photo app
August 15 - Played Sonic Mania on Nintendo Switch
November 12 - watched Pokemon the movie: I Choose You! at The Commons mall movie theater with my Mom
December 25 - White Christmas! Snowing!
December 25 - Got my sister Sarah aka :iconlilac-hime:Lilac-hime a Nintendo Switch for Christmas

So what are your favorite things you enjoyed on 2017? let me know in the comments below. So anyways Happy 2018!
Just a little something for the new years. If Sonic Neo Genesis made to recreate quality gameplay and atmosphere of classic Sonic games, why not use music from a Sonic Game made by fans? In this case, Sonic Mania by Christian Whitehead aka Taxman and Headcannon aka Stealth!

Sonic Neo Genesis - Sonic Mania Music Mod;…

Fangame demo Download;…

I know i know, tropical madness uses green hill's music. But That's because it's the only tropical level i know in mania as there aren't any beach or forest levels in the game. And if you say Press Garden's a forest level, that level's a hybrid level to me only as there are other themes besides forest like industrial theme for act 1, snow theme for act 2, and ancient theme.

All rights belong to their respective owners and I am NOT affiliated with Sonic from SEGA or anything else related.
When will it end!?!? :rage:…

It's snowing outside on Christmas! Making a White Christmas! I Can't remember the last time we ever had a white Christmas!
Does anybody know any sonic fangame that actually features Cream the Rabbit as a playable character?
Anyone at all? :( :P :/